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Back to the Lodge

Apr 9, 2021

Everybody thinks you've got to have this giant property fence, stand backyard, a couple of hundred acres of pasture, big old trucks, big old trailers, all this equipment, but you don't.

In today’s episode of Back To the Lodge Podcast, Wine with Will, our host wants to talk to those who may live in a city and wants to have their own little farm.


In This Episode

2:51 - Will deciding he wanted a little farm

10:32 - Will got terminated

13:57 - You can do anything

Favorite Quotes:

“I don't want anybody to be discouraged if you want a little farm and if your town ordinance or whatever says you can't have chickens in town, get quieter chickens. Don't let the man tell you, you can't have chickens.”

“You can do anything once and just get your story straight before it happens.”

“If you got anything fancy and you want to run it, run it.”

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