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Back to the Lodge

Apr 9, 2021

The COVID19-Pandemic brought everyone closer yet further at the same time. People who have no communication with their families have reconnected while their connection outside is barely sustained through the internet. With the vaccines rolling out and multiple states started to open entertainment spots to the public, recreational activity is something every family should get themselves into.

Reconnect with nature, breathe fresh air, listen to the birds sing, and see the sun rises at the horizon for a new beginning of life. However, it does not mean existing rules are lax either.

In today’s episode of Back To The Lodge Podcast, our hosts will have a fun-filled talk of competitions, wine preferences, animal welfare, and the benefits of recreational activities to reinforce your family connections and reconnect yourself with nature. With people staying indoors for months and doing the same thing over and over, something that would spice lives and move bodies become desirable and a must.


In This Episode

[06:20] Official start of Season 3 & Wine with Will

[15:43] Benefit Banquet for the Families at the “Real Foot Tragedy”

[22:00] Fishing as an outdoor activity

[41:34] Clothing styles

[43:15] Animal extinctions

[51:29] Danger and accidents brought by coyotes

[58:29] Fishing laws in Tennessee

Favorite Quotes

“As long as there’s something that people would not be under the rain, we can feed them no matter what—even if we have to cook the food ourselves.” –Patrick

“Every time we argue, we should just take it to a competition.” –Will

“Fishing is fun for the whole family. Get out, pack a little lunch, have a picnic, and go outside. It just gets you into it.” –Patrick

“Each state has different laws when it comes to fishing. Make sure everybody has their fishing license and do the right way.” –Patrick

“When I was a kid, we used to go to a place called ‘Fun City.’ You could have fun, but the ambiance was quiet.” –Will

“The old-timers (hunters) contribute to the rapid population decline of the coyotes.” –Matthew

“I only have a single video copy where I saw a quail walked underneath me—I have never seen another quail ever since.” –Matthew

“Rescuers tried to do everything as humanely as possible and relocate. The problem is, you are just giving somebody else your problem when you relocate the animals. If they are relocated to a place with low anime density, they will end up being domestic animals.” –Will

“Coyote hunting is not like deer hunting. We live in a rural area where they can come and go into these towns. It becomes a safety issue now for the kids and people in general.” –Will

“People don’t understand that a wild animal is a wild animal. When you see a couple of coyote pups in one area, they are obviously not there by accident but for a reason.” –Will

“You don’t have to go out and spend a thousand dollars to fish or even do any activities.”—Will

“Even if you don’t want to fish, you can sit beside a body of water, get your children geared up, let them have the time of their lives, while entertaining yourself—all for just twenty dollars.” –Will

“You can watch TV or even use Google if you want to see something. You don’t need to visit the Seven Wonders of The World just to have a good memory.” –Will

“Some people fish at night while others during the day. I have not fished all this year—I am itching and dying to get out.” –Patrick

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