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Back to the Lodge

Apr 9, 2021

People had been through a lot more than you have, and they still manage to make it. You can do whatever you want and you can achieve it if you really want to. You have the choice to go through it, go through the hardships to enjoy life. If you are not happy, do something about it.



In today’s episode of Back to the Lodge Podcast, our hosts will talk about their big plans with the Lodge, creating your own path to enjoy your own life and it takes grith and experience to pursue the life that will make you happy.  You get to choose if you want to live your life the way you want to, others have it worse than you do and they still manage to push through so why can’t you?


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In This Episode


5:41 – Matt points out Nick’s Cobra Kai activities


9:02 – Nick’s Big Weekend and his album recording.


17:10 – Instructional videos for the podcast


25:29   – Patrick’s Productive Weekend and other big announcements.


28:10 – Working on the plans with The Lodge.



Favorite Quotes

"Self Defense is important this day and age. And it's, it's necessary.” – Nick


"we're going to start partnering with corporations that share these values and vision to help change this country. 20 people at a time." - Patrick


"I can imagine having that if you were like seven years old now. And you're going through some hard times, it's like, hey, by the way, it's it. I don't want to compare it to Make a Wish Foundation, but kind of is so only, you know, kids that aren't dying. But you get to have that experience after you've been through a horrible trauma. It kind of gives you a little sense of normalcy, even though there's nothing normal about it”. Patrick


 “I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who's just doing great things, that has not had their teeth kicked in, that has not been through hell that has not been beat down and has not been lied to deceive, broke, homeless, injured, you name it in, you know, it takes grit and it takes persistence”. -Matt


“You have only one way to go. You can take the easy way out. Or you can fight for what you want.” -Matt

“This lodge would be an opportunity for folks who've been knocked down to fast pace” – Patrick


“You are your own worst enemy if you don't want something don't.” – Matt


“if you're not happy, do something.” – Matt


“There are people out there who've been through worse than all four of us combined. And still found a way to make it work” – Matt


you may have created that dream and pushed it. But you did not do it by yourself.” - Matt


“The worst you've ever gone through is just that the worst you've ever gone.” -Patrick


“If you’re not happy where you’re at don’t be a Karen” -Patrick


If you need to talk to somebody, talk to them “- Nick



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