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Back to the Lodge

Sep 7, 2020

Today’s episode of Back To The Lodge Podcast is a goofy conversation with the guys from CheyTac USA. Blaine and Ellison will share our listener’s the story of how CheyTac USA was established. They will also talk about what makes their products top-of-the-line among other brands, their favorite outdoor activities, and how they help and contribute to the veteran community.


Understanding the pain of wounded veterans and their struggle to come back, Blaine and Ellison have become a member and team-players of the foundations, HALO for Freedom and Healing Towers.


CheyTac USA is a global ammunition and firearms distributor to both civilian and military personnel. Their vision is to deliver 21st Century technological solutions that revolutionize the strategy and deployment of small arms. Attributes to their products are high accuracy, stopping power, flexibility, and ease of use. Their mission is to bring the full power and capability of CheyTac balanced flight ammunition and innovations to provide superior combat effectiveness.


Join our host, Patrick Mudge & Matthew Dretzka, together with our sound engineer Nick Conder as they give away amazing products from IceyTek USA and CheyTac USA on this goofy episode night.




Favorite Quote

“Every dollar goes back to setting up fundraisers, education, training, and introducing the veterans to companies. A lot of guys just lock themselves away. We get them out, talk to peers, and talk to companies that are legitimately interested. Put them in your group plan, IT WILL HELP!”


                                                                                                        -Blaine Campbell


In this Episode

33:33 - Backstory of CheyTac USA


37:01 - Dedicated units who are using CheyTac M200 Intervention


41:15 - Characterizing feature of M200 Intervention rifle


45:20 - How Blaine started the Campbell Arms


46:35 - Ellison and Blaine’s favorite outdoor activity


49:47 - The story behind the foundation of Halo for Freedom


51:42 - How Healing Towers help the veteran community


58:34 - Blaine and Ellison's advice to their 16-year old self


Know more about CheyTac USA

Website: CheyTac USA

Facebook: CheyTac M200 Intervention

Facebook: CheyTac USA


How to get Connected

Foundation: HALO for FREEDOM


HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to wounded warriors. Their mission is to provide support for wounded warriors as they face the many challenges during rehabilitation, reintegration, and healing process. Their goals are to ensure that wounded military members are cared for both physically and emotionally.


Foundation: Healing Towers


Healing Towers is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of South Carolina. They put veterans with mentors and they take them on trips. They do a week-long trip up in Alaska and take them on the Alaska experience. They go out, do the crabbing, shrimping, and fly fishing. They've been around for about 15 years now and they've helped over 2000 service members.


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