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Back to the Lodge

Apr 9, 2021

Ric Bailey, former Air Force Command Chief Master Sgt who oversaw 8 different squadrons and was tasked with caring for all of the enlisted troops assigned to his post.
After retiring in 2005 he completed his Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and started a security firm local to Memphis, TN. The company is still growing and makes an effort to hire majority veterans, serving all three major cities in Tennessee.
Two years ago he also opened up a fitness center that is centered around helping veterans suffering from PTSD and others in need.


In This Episode

19:47 - How Rick transitioned

21:50 - Rick open up a security guard company

23:19 - Rick got his gym called Hometown Fitness

26:54 - Favorite bible verse by Rick

31:44 - About apostle Paul

41:12 - Story about a young boy in Vietnam

Favorite Quotes

“I tell everybody goals are so important. In the air force, we call our military, we call goals our mission. And I needed a mission.” - Rick


“I had a mission and I was going to go in there and I was going to change all the Memphis, save the world. I quickly realized I couldn't do that, but I could put people, I could give them a mission again, that were veterans, make them feel important again. And we went there. We did some good stuff other than secure people.” - Rick









“The parents don't get government assistance. There's no money coming in. So the only food these kids are getting is from Perkins, or they're getting food from school. So during this time, when the school shut down, they’re going to get hungry. So another small mission I had was when the money comes into our gym, the money that sets aside for me, I put it back into taking care of people.” - Rick


“It's just something I feel like I was born to do, and I'm going to keep doing it till the day I died. And it's about taking care of veterans, taking care of people in need, and people getting out of prison. They need a second chance.” - Rick


“I was on my own. Just luckily thank God, I was strong enough that I realized that I needed him.” - Rick


“Whether you're religious or otherwise, putting power back in people's hands and giving them a mission, giving them a reason to go on and pay it forward, I think is the thing now.” - Will


“He had a plan and we're living out the plan. So everybody out there has an equal opportunity to live in that plan.” - Rick


“It's all perspective. So don't judge somebody by how they're reacting to whatever they're going through, because it may not be anything to you, but to them, it's going to be the worst thing they've ever gone through.” - Matt







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