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Back to the Lodge

Apr 9, 2021


In today’s episode of Back To the Lodge Podcast, our hosts talks about Matt’s Crappie Master’s Tournament weather experience, The Navy Seals Fund Foundation Auction, Patrick shares Nick’s song and a review on Wine with Will pilot episode.


If you want to support Nick’s album you can go to his GoFundMe page...

Mar 10, 2021

Having the courage to take the step of an aspiring musician in the music industry is the first hurdle needs to be overcome. Music is an art that transcends religion, gender, and race—which every musician aspires to convey their music into.

In today’s special episode of Back To The Lodge Podcast, our hosts and guests...

Dec 15, 2020

With his profound passion for music and songwriting, Scooter Brown traded his guns for guitars. Making it out alive from the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Scott made a promise to be the best man he could possibly be and live up with that promise for the people who don’t get to anymore. Dedicated in serving the country,...